All our authors have a connection with the Thames Estuary and write about the people and the places that matter in this region. They write with passion and bring a new perspective to Essex which we are sure you will enjoy reading.

CH10-7Chris Poole, co author of EKCO SOUNDS

Chris was a former employee of EKCO and after being made redundant, he spent the next two decades collating artifacts and stories from EKCO.



22-06-12Peter Brown, co author of EKCO SOUNDS

Peter took over the role of finishing the book once his friend Chris passed away suddenly. Peter has written a series of books on WW2 and aviation history.



smuggler-and-illustratorRobert Hallmann, author of Festival of the Gargoyles, and David Hurrell, illustrator.

Robert has written many books on local history and is a professional photographer. This is his first children’s book. David is a professional artist who draws and paints scenes of the Thames Estuary.


paul-gilson-author-photo-2012Paul Gilson, author of Sole Searching

Paul is a sixth-generation Thames fisherman who has spent a lifetime working on the sea as a fisherman and RNLI helmsman. He is also skipper of a Dunkirk Little Ship, The Endeavour.



book launch 051Una Rose, author of The Tokyo Express

Una has worked for several decades as a journalist. This is her debut novel which she was inspired to write after working for several years in Japan.